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It's always more about you than it is about us. That's what you can expect when you visit Evangeline Home Center! We are all about helping you find what you want. It's the Golden Rule. We treat customers like we want to be treated with dedicated specialists that answer every question. Most manufactured home dealers buy model inventory from a factory then try to fit the models to suit the customer. Our design center is established to help you identify what you want, need and fits your budget-then, we order your home from one of our many home building facilities.


Your home, your rules! A fixed payment fitting your budget now so that you are no longer at the mercy of rising rents every year. Placed on your shaded lot where the kids can play safely and their grandparents can come after church for Sunday dinner, cooked using new, energy efficient appliances. Your choice baked ham or fried chicken? Your recipes: creating aromas that make tummies growl and memories that last a lifetime. Space to spread out. Pantry space. Closet space. Open space; where friends come over and watch the big game. It's your space!


Builders go to a warehouse store and buy framing lumber, OSB and plywood, shingles, nails, staples, carpet, appliances, windows, doors, sheetrock, shingles...some materials on-site get stolen or possibly used on another build. Sure, the contractor gets a small discount, but a factory uses the exact same quality building materials, buying wholesale from suppliers, getting even bigger discounts. A contractor builds 10 houses a year on site at the mercy of the weather. A factory builds 30 houses a week in an environmentally controlled facility and the materials NEVER get wet. The result with factory-built homes is that you save BIG!

Quality building materials assembled in a weatherproof environment prevents moisture intrusion in lumber and sheetrock. Framing uses kiln-dried lumber that meets Federal Standards and that is inspected for moisture. Never a risk of roof decking soaking in rain before the shingles can be put on. Jigs are used to ensure every home is built in square, with precision-cuts.

Your car was built in a factory to get the efficiencies of assembly lines with high trained workers and skilled artisans doing their job as a team day-in and day-out. Your home, built with the same efficiencies of assembly line construction, along with the deeply discounted building materials and components, drives the cost per square foot down. This means you can have more house for the dollar. Why would you pay more for less?

Our homeowners can have peace-of-mind knowing that their home comes from a great factory known for its quality and financial stability. Each new home is backed by a Manufacturer's Warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship. Your professional housing consultant is here to answer specific questions about the coverage on your new home. Our promise to you is delivering the promise of homeownership to your family.

Planning For Homeownership

4 Steps When Considering Home Ownership
You have good reasons for making a move. And, they are unique to YOU. A factory built home from Evangeline Homes will address every one of your needs.

Planning to Own?

Step One: Consider the location of your home

  1. Do you have a home site selected? If yes:
    • Where is it? City limits, in the county? Is the property zoned residential? Does the property have any restrictions?
    • What is the value of the property?
    • How much road frontage is there? Paved road?
    • Is the property improved (city water/sewer; or, well, septic)? Are there any current structures on the property? Do they need to be moved or demolished?
    • Are there any obstacles that must be removed to place the home?
    • No idea where you are going to place the home? Don't worry the professionals at Evangeline Home Center can help! They will help figure out the scope of work, the cost of everything and take the burden off YOU.

Step Two: Think about when you need to be in your new home
Factory-built housing is faster than stick-built. But it isn't "instant"! It's a 90-day process once you arrive at your Common Cents location for the very first time. Sometimes faster, rarely longer... but many factors can slow the process that none of us can control. For example, at certain times of the year factories can develop lengthy backlogs. So if you order your home, it could be longer than 90-days because factories build on a first come, first serve basis. But that always means DON'T WAIT get started on the process so you can get your home ordered.

Consider the optimum move in time. Share that with your Evangeline Home Center consultant so that you can get the process started to meet that time frame.

Step Three: Think about your lifestyle.
How you live determines a lot about the home that best suits you:

  1. Do you entertain frequently or have large family gatherings?
  2. Do you prefer large open floor plan with kitchen opening into living areas?
  3. Do you like a separate den and living room; or, just one large living area?
  4. Do you like informal dining like an eat-in kitchen or island seating; or, do you want a separate "formal" dining area?
  5. How many bedrooms do you need?
  6. How many bathrooms do you need?
  7. Do you have any furniture that requires extra large space?
    • A tall piece, like an armoire?
    • A king-sized bed?
    • Something heavy like a waterbed?

Step Four: Think about your overall housing budget
Most new homebuyers get the cart before the horse. They focus on the price, but they need to focus on the value. Focus on the facts:

  1. Are you a cash buyer?
    • Then your budget is easy. Then you can determine what you can buy. But the amount of money you have still has limits.
      • You may afford a larger square footage but you may give up certain amenities that are popular options.
      • Energy efficiency comes with a price tag. It may cost more today but it pays off in lower utility bills for years to come. Cash or finance buyers must pay the electric and gas bills and understand the cost of home ownership extends beyond the purchase price. By purchasing an energy efficient home, you can save hundreds of dollars every year.
    • Are you financing your home?
      • How much have you saved for your down payment?
      • It's best to access your credit records in advance of visiting Evangeline Home Center
      • Equifax, TransUnion or Experian (the three major services) are usually available to you at a nominal cost or free. The FICO score influences interest rate & thus monthly payments.
      • Budget includes your monthly payment comfort zone. What can you comfortably pay monthly now?
      • Don't forget you must pay homeowner's insurance, property taxes and utilities. All of these impact your monthly outlay. Most lenders require "escrow" for insurance & taxes.
      • Most people don't think about the overall cost of home ownership. But your budget must include monthly payment that generally includes added payments to the lender to cover your homeowner's insurance and taxes.

Most people don't think about the overall cost of home ownership. But your budget must include monthly payment that generally includes added payments to the lender to cover your homeowner's insurance and taxes.

Nothing Like A Plan Coming Together!

Your Local Evangeline Home Center Store

Buying a Evangeline Home Center Home

You've thought long and hard about owning your own home! Or, you need a new home to replace your current one for any number of reasons: maybe you're a down-sizing baby-boomer, perhaps you've outgrown your current home, maybe your moving, to new community, whatever the reason it's time to Evangeline Home Center. Our professional specialists will help you find what you're looking for in a price that fits your budget, your needs and your taste. We are a one stop shop for:

What We Do

  • Finding the right home
  • Helping you decide what home best fits on your site
  • Identifying land if you don't have any
  • Explaining what types of financing is available for your home
  • Permits
  • Site Preparation

Evangeline Home Center Can Save You Money
Evangeline Home Center offers the best home value on the market. We work with the best factories with the buying power to keep their costs down so that we can pass savings along to you. The very best factories also means those with the highest quality rating and quality control systems to give you a better product dollar-for-dollar. And, we manage logistics to keep the houses we sell coming from factories closest to our customers-which eliminates unneeded costs of freight from factory to model home center! It costs us up to 50% less to operate a model center than the national chains. Our low overhead means more savings.

  • Evangeline Home Center save owners up to 50% per square foot versus site bult
  • Evangeline Home Center means designer options that cost less than in site built
  • Monthly payments lower than rent (apples to apples in square footage & amenities)
  • Energy-efficient construction that saves our customers on utility bills monthly
  • Name brand materials and appliances protected by manufacturer warranties
  • Factory warranties (depending on the manufacturer include minimum 1-year construction and 2/10 Warranty on many models
  • Low cost extended service plans

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